Steps to Reading (and Spelling) Early Years Program

The Steps to Reading & Spelling Program was developed by Miss Emma, The Reading Whisperer, and is part of the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach, used in primary schools around the world as their chosen systematic phonics program. The Steps program is specifically geared to very young children and aligns with the EYFS. Miss Emma is a former OFSTED Inspector with a Masters Degree in Special Educational Needs, and currently undertaking a doctorate at the University of Reading. She is passionate about young children, and in ensuring that they start school as curious, articulate, independent and confident young individuals who love to read ! Steps to Reading is play based.

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We offer classes for parents and toddlers in Dorset.


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We offer full training to the right people (those who are as passionate about young children as we are)

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Teach your toddler to read !

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Steps to Reading is part of the Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach, used by teachers around the world who have an interest not only in teaching all children to read, write and spell as quickly and easily as possible but also to LOVE books.

As we see so many instructional casualties in schools not yet using the approach, and understand the pain reading difficulties can cause to so many children around the world, we developed the Steps to Reading (& Spelling) Program for children in the early years. If they start school as avid readers, we can prevent issues for even more families.
Steps to Reading is also an early intervention for

dyslexia; we include all components of an evidence based program for dyslexic learners.
We also seek to excite children about books.


Reading Behaviours in the Early Years MATTER.

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Steps to Reading Program

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