My child can read but not spell
(as they didn't go through the Steps Program)

This text is SSP 'Code Mapped' which is our patented technique.
We are SHOWING the brain how each word is segmented into phonemes. By 'following the sounds to say the word' you are ENCODING which will support decoding. People do this in pairs. If the child can't read the text, the reader 'follows the sounds' for them and they blend. If the child can read it, then 'following the sounds' helps with their spelling (encoding)
This is another technique, unique to SSP, and developed by Miss Emma. You can see 2 year olds doing this together with monsters in Step 1!   

I hear this a LOT ! Parents tell me their child is doing ok with regards to reading (including comprehension) but their spelling is really bad, and they aren't sure what to do. So I have added this page, even though this is the Steps Program for children in the early years.

Your child isn't going to learn to spell by memorising spelling lists, and going through basic phonics programs often don't help much either. So they need to start seeing the words they can read as made up of pictures of speech sounds - ie the way we 'talk on paper'. It then becomes like a jigsaw, with every piece fitting. No 'spelling rules' needed, just build on what the brain can ALREADY do. If the child doesn't have phonemic awareness deficits then their brain will quickly shift the way in which it processes this info, and the child can become their own spelling coach. They start to see the 'invisible' Code Mapping, as they work from the word they know, and translate it into Sound Pics. So then they pay attention to the parts, and when writing their brain is more likely to go 'STOP!' - that doesn't look right !! Before their brains wouldn't be paying much attention to the parts of the word, and would be focused on the content of what they were writing. We need them to do both! 

If the child has dyslexia (and hasn't had SSP to create new pathways in the brain through explicit phonemic awareness training with linguistic and visual phonics) then they are almost certain to have phonemic awareness deficits. They know the word, but can't hear the sounds - and this has NOTHING to do with their actual hearing, or intelligence !

When you start doing the activity I show here you will get some insight as to whether this is the case. If so, video them doing this activity, and send it to me in confidence.

I ask parents and teachers to do this activity every day too - it helps them teach the code more effectively.
Miss Emma X

MA Special Educational Needs.

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